Just a peek!

I am currently involved in a small project with a well established art society in Singapore. As I work through the member profiles, I am very pleased to see artists that I have known through the years. Especially more so when I am filling in the member profiles for one of my art teachers. Mr … Read more

Class Observation @ Studio Miu

A few days ago, I went to observe my father during his Chinese-Ink painting class at Studio Miu. From its initial location at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Studio Miu has relocated to Centre Point to better serve its students. You can read about my coverage of his lesson at Jin Yin Mo. What struck me about my father’s lessons … Read more

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Planning a Credit Agency

[ Public Service Announcement – this is tongue firmly in cheek. ] On this historical day, June 6, two strapping young lads (a handsome eloquent Caucasian and an irreverent Chinese guy) created a new brain child of a new workforce-centric credit agency. In line with a national accreditation process, a competency map was thus created to … Read more

Academic Writing is a Chore

I am aware that I am treading on controversy with that proclamation. I remembered the days when the keyboard was pressed firmly against my face as I raged silently (and tiredly) at the futility of it all. Attending the lectures in the evenings for the three years was a different experience for me personally. I would … Read more

Rummaging in the Attic

I was rummaging in my boxes when I chanced upon a dusty old folder filled with illustrations made during my secondary school years. I fondly remembered my Macbeth series; to me it was a terrible vengeance on my cohort’s literature teacher because my cohort studied Midsummer Night’s Dream, instead of Othello or Macbeth. I remembered being … Read more