Mt Kintoki / Ashigara

I remembered back when I was still very young, my parents brought me to Tioman Island, east of Peninsular Malaysia. I remembered very vividly looking up into the midnight blue sky at night and gasped at the infinite stars and the cosmic depths of the universe out there. I felt very small and vulnerable, but … Read more

Completion of MASS Website

Hello, Just a short note to say that I have finally finished the Modern Art Society Singapore‘s website. To be honest, a majority of the work was already done when I set it up for continuity purposes (read: easy to use). There were some delays in persuading the society that web-quality (i.e. 72 dpi) images … Read more

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The Face of Defeat

As I was looking out of my window and pondering the deary weather, my scattered thoughts ran across the state of the art community we have here in Singapore today. A Perspective Of The State Of This Community I do feel that the different forms of art cannot be quantified to make the bean counters … Read more

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Reconstructivism in Art Presentation and Programming

Reconstructivism and Art As an expansion of Reconstructing History in Anime, Reconstructivism can be used as a framework towards audience engagement or education development. I strongly feel that topics (such as history or art) can be made more relevant to various audiences in various forms. As demonstrated by the previous example in Kantai Collection, how can … Read more

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Reconstructing History in Anime

Anime and Philosophy Japanese animation (henceforth, anime) is something I am quite fond of. I was inspired to illustrate and doodle by this particular art form practised by the Japanese (my pathetic attempts can be seen all over this website too). As I grew older, I have begun to look at anime with different perspectives … Read more

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