“MASS 50th Anniversary Commemoration : Contemporary Modern” is the 50th anniversary publication of the Modern Art Society Singapore. It is one of the most established art societies in Singapore with strict selective membership based on merit.

My involvement is purely as a Copy Editor (English) for the publication. While most would dismiss copy editors as spelling and grammar checkers, my role is somewhat specialised based on actual knowledge of art history, techniques and social history.

This copy editor role I have, is honed through the ten years of working with my father through the understanding of art and community history. Even in translation, there is a need for adequate background knowledge to point out inconsistencies and errors of other writers. My skill in this aspect is further honed by going through my BA in Sociology with Communication recently where I am educated on academic writing and discourse.

I definitely enjoyed reading the written contributions from guest writers, and definitely honoured to be relied upon to edit their work (and sometimes add new information in gaps).

Publication Information
Modern Art Society Singapore 50th Anniversary Commemoration : Contemporary Modern (ISBN 978-981-09-2679-3)