Macbeth (1996)

When I was still studying at for my GCSE ‘O’ Levels, I was “well-known” at school for art and illustrations. For most of the students, they find my illustrations entertaining and memorable.

The most popular illustration done at that time was the Macbeth series I made for my juniors who were studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth. At the kind behest of my juniors’ literature teacher (a Ms Saleha, I think), I produced the following illustrations for her to use during her literature lessons. A selection of these illustrations were published in the 1997 school magazine as well (I think).

The following illustrations were meant for drafting purposes.

All art work were made using India ink on copy paper.

Note: There are some blotches, stains and tears on the original art work due to my careless archival system. Images are slightly yellowed. I did not attempt to correct the colours as it would affect gradient colours in the last few images.

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