history of natsunokoi.com

natsunokoi.com was first founded by Kaori Inoue in 2005. Kaori made a series of Maple Story-based comics to show her keen interest in the MMORPG game itself and her limited skills in Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Subsequently, I got involved in the comic, Natsu’s Love, when Kaori approached me to illustrate for the comics instead of using bits and parts of screenshots from the MMORPG game.

The comic progressed slowly as I was the main factor behind the delays. Illustrating for the comic was a huge pain. As time went by, the website came to a literal standstill with Natsu’s Love being delayed indefinitely and subsequently abandoned.

The bright spot of natsunokoi.com was actually my own simple comic of Kaori herself, called K’MA. That progressed pretty well and it became popular with readers as Kaori is really quite the woman. Reflecting on it, Kaori was jealous that whatever energy I had left, I channeled it into K’MA instead of Natsu’s Love. However, she enjoyed my retelling of her short stay with me.

Good things come to an end, eventually.

In short, Kaori got married and moved back to Japan. She felt that it was time for her to leave natsunokoi.com in safer hands. I cringed and cried.

Kaori is a very good friend and was a very dedicated employee. I wish her well, for her marital bliss and new goals in life.