Academic Writing is a Chore

I am aware that I am treading on controversy with that proclamation. I remembered the days when the keyboard was pressed firmly against my face as I raged silently (and tiredly) at the futility of it all. Attending the lectures in the evenings for the three years was a different experience for me personally. I would … Read more

Rummaging in the Attic

I was rummaging in my boxes when I chanced upon a dusty old folder filled with illustrations made during my secondary school years. I fondly remembered my Macbeth series; to me it was a terrible vengeance on my cohort’s literature teacher because my cohort studied Midsummer Night’s Dream, instead of Othello or Macbeth. I remembered being … Read more

And thus, Natsu’s Story

As suggest by a reader, there are fragments of Natsu’s Love that I can share with you – and perhaps to give you an adequate conclusion to Natsu’s story. The eventual meeting with Tenjin’s mentally disturbed mother (she seems normal except the habitual preparing for the father’s meals) will unearth Tenjin’s personal motivations on the reasons of … Read more

It has been a while

It has been a good 8 to 9 years since the last significant update in terms of content. I believe the last revision was made in 2010, and it was just a cosmetic change. In that space of time, a lot of things have had happened to me. One of the most significant things was … Read more

Something different…

Hello to my faithful followers! I am currently revamping the website for something different and I hope you would continue to support me in this new direction. A great many things have happened, and it is time to go on another journey…