The Fence of Incredulity

Sometimes, out of boredom, I trawl the depths of Reddit for entertainment. There are a few gaming-related subs that I visit on these trips, such as /r/WorldofTanks, /r/Eve, and /r/citiesskylines. Beyond these Reddit subs, I don’t venture too far as I have no idea what dark corners of humanity bring me in the void of … Read more

More IAL Coursework doodles

For the last three modules of my IAL course, I found some time to create more doodles for my ePortfolio. You can see the new ones in the original gallery (sorted towards the end).

Just a peek!

I am currently involved in a small project with a well established art society in Singapore. As I work through the member profiles, I am very pleased to see artists that I have known through the years. Especially more so when I am filling in the member profiles for one of my art teachers. Mr … Read more

Planning a Credit Agency

[ Public Service Announcement – this is tongue firmly in cheek. ] On this historical day, June 6, two strapping young lads (a handsome eloquent Caucasian and an irreverent Chinese guy) created a new brain child of a new workforce-centric credit agency. In line with a national accreditation process, a competency map was thus created to … Read more

Academic Writing is a Chore

I am aware that I am treading on controversy with that proclamation. I remembered the days when the keyboard was pressed firmly against my face as I raged silently (and tiredly) at the futility of it all. Attending the lectures in the evenings for the three years was a different experience for me personally. I would … Read more