Art Catalogues

As part of my work with my father, Lim Choon Jin, I am responsible for the creation of art catalogues for him whenever he does a solo exhibition in Singapore.

While I maintain a standard template for the cover design, I make the overall decisions in choosing the cover page images and layout. My father decides on the inclusion and organisation of the paintings presented inside with my advice.

The simplistic process of creating an art catalogue starts from the design of the overall concept and theme, followed by the reproduction photography (done by me using Fujifilm’s camera systems), and subsequently utilising Adobe InDesign to put the art catalogue together. After which, the pre-production files are draft printed and checked several times for colour accuracy and typography. Finally, the production files are sent to a selected printer (I work with a few printer contacts, and I evaluate them based on cost and quality).

Sometimes I am defeated by their colour separation process or mismatching of colour calibration on their printers – this only leads to me avoiding the problematic printers in future for various other projects.

Publication Information
2015 Lim Choon Jin – Illusions in Mist (ISBN 978-981-09-7608-8)
2013 Lim Choon Jin – Iridescence (ISBN 978-981-07-7742-5)
2011 Lim Choon Jin – Growth . Meaning (ISBN 978-981-08-9257-9)
2007 Lim Choon Jin – Distillation (ISBN 978-981-05-9155-4)
2005 Lim Choon Jin – Rhythms of Nature (ISBN 981-05-4510-X)
– This ISBN is in error and will be replaced for the second print run.