Permanent Head Damage

Well, at least I think I am on the way there…

I have always been fascinated by the artist’s creative process – especially their thoughts processes and how they go about creating their artworks. Their techniques and “trade secrets” are equally amazing for me to understand and document (often with the condition that I keep it to myself).

In a run-up to an exhibition in early 2017, I am assisting my father in documenting his creative process. After understanding how his version of hybridity in Chinese ink painting had inspired me to write something about it, he agreed easily to be a lab rat for my proposed independent field study.

At the end of this particular session (of four paintings), I am stumped by about 120 GB worth of video data to gather my quantitative data from.

I love geeking out.

The best part is… I am supposed to gather data from sixteen paintings in total. Woooohooooo~