Art Fellas: A Lust for Art

The up-scale and forward-thinking The Art Fellas opened their A Lust for Art showcase at the ION Art Gallery on August 19, 2015. It will run till August 28, 2015.

As an insignificant patron of the arts, I like to attend such exhibitions in an effort to expand my network of emerging artists and aficionados. Having the opportunities to speak to them, allows me to hear their personal perspectives and experiences that have led them down this truly satisfying path of cultural awakening.

In contemporary group events, such as A Lust for Art, you can find new artists who are able to showcase their works and hopefully find art lovers who appreciate their works.

One such emerging artist is Hu Jing Xuan of and

With artist Jing Xuan

Her experience, in both traditional mediums, digital illustrations and manga illustrations, exhibits her ability to transcend artistic forms whilst allowing herself to be enthralled by the ambiguities that exist therein – her experimentation is richly rewarded with a lilting gloominess in her CLAMP-inspired watercolours.

I am looking forward to her development and growth in Singapore’s art community.

Mixed-medium artist, Yeo Siak Goon, has always been a favourite contemporary artist in my network. His artwork orientation shows his uncanny ability to fuse de-constructive elements into familiar cultural frameworks.

With artist, Siak Goon

Beyond his artistic talents, Siak Goon is a mentor and adviser in many aspects of my work in publication and design (in traditional mediums and digital platforms). His sharp eye for details and perfection allows me to learn a lot from his skill and knowledge.