It has been a while

It has been a good 8 to 9 years since the last significant update in terms of content. I believe the last revision was made in 2010, and it was just a cosmetic change.

In that space of time, a lot of things have had happened to me. One of the most significant things was that I picked up a BA in Sociology and Communication (Merit classification, woohoo!) and now currently picking up an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment at the Institute of Adult Learning.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank my course mates at the SIM University and the Institute of Adult Learning for being a great group of people to communicate and work with. I do look forward to engage you folks again in my professional career.

Likewise, I found this gnawing feeling in my soul to start writing again – I have decided to convert this beloved website into my personal column, and as a portal to my portfolio of work. Perhaps through this, you will be able to know more about the work I am currently involved in and decide to support the arts community here in Singapore.

What are some of the content I would write about? Good question!

I am of the opinion that I would write not just about the arts community and my work, I would like to write about my past times and personal reflections on certain issues that calls for my attention. I think it may be an interesting situation to write to help me think, and at the same time, share it with others.


At this point of time, I am keenly aware of the joys and sorrows of one’s life journey. Since I have decided to take a different route at my journey’s fork, I would like to make the best of it. To be honest about it, this different route has caused much sorrow to myself and the people around me. While I am unable to assuage the sorrows of others, I have to carry my own sorrows and be responsible for the consequences.

In addition to that, I was confronted with ill health and deaths in my family network. It is indeed a time of sorrow and reflection. How fragile the human life is. I believe that it is best not to dwell on the deaths, but to remember all the good times and memories I have had with them. That way, the pain would not be too great.

One day, I hope to be happy again.

2 thoughts on “It has been a while”

  1. Hi, I’m not sure if you’ll even notice my comment but can you please tell me what happens at the end of Natsunokoi? I feel like without knowing the “true” ending to this comic/manga my childhood memories of MapleStory won’t really end. I quit MapleStory long long time ago but I’ve read this comic/manga probably when I was in elementary/ middle school (I’m a university student now) and always wanted to know Tejin / Natsu’s end. I know you (Vincent Lin), isn’t responsible for the story of how it was supposed to end but it would be amazing if you can contact Kaori for the end or you make the end and post a brief summary for us or me.

    Also do you know what happened to Pictor comics? I kinda remember reading his Crimson Legends (?) and also liked the story but ended up abandoning the comic when I got to high school and completely forgot.

    I hope you recognize my comment since this site has been dead for a LONG time. I only check this site whenever my mind just flashes back to childhood memories and was outright surprised this site was updated. I sincerely hope you can grant my only wish to finish NNK. I’ve read countless amount of manga/comic over the past years as well as putting in hundreds of hours into MapleStory but Natsu no Koi is literally the only thing I still haven’t gotten a proper conclusion to. I know Natsu no Koi is not the best comic (no offense) but it’s just one of those things you want a proper finish to so as a person you can move on. (corny but it’s true.)

    Just typing this TL;DR up is making me bring back so many memories of when I was playing MapleStory and reading those cheesy MapleStory comics on basilmarket. Nostalgia at its finest. Okay this is getting too long but please if you ever have the time to check this comment and read this, please post a update of the epilogue for Natsu no Koi on the “column” section or anywhere on the main site. I know for a fact I’m not the only one who has read this comic long time ago. I can assure you that there are probably a handful of number who lurks this site once in a while and just probably leave like I do. There are probably people who have probably read this long time ago who probably completely forgot but will flash back when they see the Natsu No Koi comic pages.

    If you post any update I will for sure update it or post it on the basilmarket to let the community know of the conclusion to this finest comic.

    my email: [redacted]
    (To be honest, instead of emailing I would love it if you to post it on this site so I can finish my childhood memories on the site where I started the comic when I flashback to my childhood memories again.)

    • Hi! I’m pleased that you still visit the website and have fond memories of NNK.

      I will take your suggestion and write something about it as a column. I still do have summaries of the entire storyline with me. Kaori has planned well a long time ago.

      Also I have edited out your email for your privacy.

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