And thus, Natsu’s Story

As suggest by a reader, there are fragments of Natsu’s Love that I can share with you – and perhaps to give you an adequate conclusion to Natsu’s story.

The eventual meeting with Tenjin’s mentally disturbed mother (she seems normal except the habitual preparing for the father’s meals) will unearth Tenjin’s personal motivations on the reasons of wanting to be a healer – to attempt to bring her back to health again. As Tenjin and Natsu spend the night at his mother’s place, Natsu encounters a strange girl in the garden when she is about to visit the outhouse (literally outside the house). The strange girl flees into the darkness and leaves Natsu puzzled over the trespassing.

Tenjin’s mother mentions that recently a pale girl has begun visiting her occasionally and often leaves behind packages of tea. Natsu is curious about the packages of tea and asks to take a look. Natsu is shocked to discover an insignia of her family on the packages of tea. Natsu attempts to contact her sister, Haru, but to no avail. Fearing the worst, Natsu decides to wait for the strange girl to appear again.

Tenjin wakes from a nightmare and describes a strange pale girl that was present in his nightmare. In the nightmare, he sees a floating visage of a girl rising from a pool of blood. In that pool of blood, he sees an arm that reaching out towards to him. He tries to run but encounters this strange pale girl who threatens him. [The images for this part was actually drawn and posted up]. Fearful for his mother, he walks out of his room and enters the room where Natsu and his mother is sleeping in.

To his horror, the girl is hovering over his mother with gleaming red eyes [sic]. He fires a holy arrow at the girl and she escapes out of the room with a wail. Natsu springs up in the commotion and begins pursuing the girl with Tenjin to the courtyard. The girl stops and turns around. Natsu does not recognise her and is relieved that she is not Haru. The girl does not move, but Tenjin and Natsu hears a commotion from behind them.

Tenjin’s mother enters the courtyard in a horrendous fashion. Her movements are awkward and jerky. Blood oozing from her eyes. Blackened nails and gnarled hands. Natsu is pinned by Tenjin’s mother as Natsu is unwilling to lay a hand on her. Tenjin is conflicted on what to do, but eventually kills his own mother with his magic.

Heart broken, Tenjin turns to find the girl but only sees Natsu in a daze. Morning has broken, Tenjin and Natsu lays his mother to rest.

They journey back to Natsu’s house, but Tenjin is again troubled by nightmares. Tenjin begins to feel the darkness enclosing in his heart and begins to act in erratic ways. Natsu makes enquiries about the girl that they have seen at Tenjin’s house. The common reply would be that there would be packages of tea before a string of deaths in the house the girl visited. Natsu discovers a common clue that in all the houses the girl visited, no one actually used the packages of tea as it was with Tenjn’s mother.

That is about as detailed as I can gather from Kaori’s notes.

The following are just short scribblings that eventually lead to the end:

  1. Haru was shadowing her sister, but felt compelled to help the people who were being targeted by some evil presence
  2. Her packages of tea were meant to prevent disaster from befalling these people
  3. Tenjin becomes the next victim of the evil presence
  4. Natsu could not bear to kill him
  5. Haru appears and purifies Tenjin, saving him from the curse
  6. The evil presences manifests itself [not written in what way]
  7. Haru becomes possessed and is eventually killed by Natsu and Tenjin
  8. With her dying breath, Haru tells Natsu that it was the right thing to do and she will always be with Natsu
  9. Haru disappears [in the typical anime fashion] in a burst of light particles but crystallises into a necklace in Natsu’s hands [oh gawd…]

Interesting stuff:

  1. The necklace shown in K’MA 51 “A Different Point of View” was a gift to Kaori from her late mother (probably a reference to Haru crystallising into a necklace?)
  2. A purple-green caped and masked girl does not seem to be referenced anywhere, but I remembered Kaori mentioning that this masked girl is a necromancer
  3. Tamiko, referenced in K’MA 37, is supposed to be the name of the strange girl Natsu and Tenjin encountered
  4. I don’t think the story ends with Haru’s death but I can’t find or remembered anything else regarding that

Reflecting on it, I am not entirely sure whether Kaori’s storyline is any good, but I think she references to some cultural things or personal experiences that she picked up over the years:

  1. Some Chinese folk use flowers/tea leaves immersed in water to “wash away” evil spirits before they enter their own house. You will see this custom being practised especially after attending Chinese religious funeral wakes
  2. Kaori grew up in a house with the toilet outside. She remembers being terrified of going to that toilet especially at night. Similarly, even in broad daylight, she has an odd habit of switching on the toilet light in my house when she uses it (and often forgets to switch it off)
  3. The horrible description of Tenjin’s mother movement and visuals is probably inspired by Sadako (from the Japanese movie, The Ring)
  4. Kaori does not want Tenjin and Natsu to get married, but to develop deep affection for each other as friends (I hear all the booing and wailing). This stems from her experience of her teenage relationship with someone she liked

I hope this article can help you piece together a story and a conclusion.

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  1. Thank you so much for completing this… I feel like my years with MapleStory has now finally concluded. I really wish this was fully drawn/adapted to feel the whole situation and story. But darn, I would’ve never imagine NNK to become this deep and strong of a story. (Tejin and Natsu should’ve got together though!)

    I seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will make sure to update to basilmarket later to see if anyone still remembers this comic.

    (Also any update on Crimson Legends by Pictor Comics?)

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