The End of 2015

2015 has been quite the roller coaster of a ride for myself. A majority of my 2015 has been filled with pain and anguish, of which I will continue to endure and work on myself. There are things that I will continue to do and uphold, but there are things which I will let go. A … Read more

Nanman Art Gallery: Wee Beng Chong

Tucked away in the art gallery-centric Tanglin Shopping Centre, Nanman Art played host to pioneering artist, Wee Beng Chong, for his 2015 exhibition of his latest works. Beng Chong is a prolific and passionate Chinese ink artist, steeped in traditional Chinese literature, calligraphy, seal carving and painting. He currently teaches Chinese ink painting at Nanyang … Read more

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Art Fellas: A Lust for Art

The up-scale and forward-thinking The Art Fellas opened their A Lust for Art showcase at the ION Art Gallery on August 19, 2015. It will run till August 28, 2015. As an insignificant patron of the arts, I like to attend such exhibitions in an effort to expand my network of emerging artists and aficionados. Having … Read more

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The Fence of Incredulity

Sometimes, out of boredom, I trawl the depths of Reddit for entertainment. There are a few gaming-related subs that I visit on these trips, such as /r/WorldofTanks, /r/Eve, and /r/citiesskylines. Beyond these Reddit subs, I don’t venture too far as I have no idea what dark corners of humanity bring me in the void of … Read more