Premonitions as Part of My Journey

When my journey made abrupt change in direction in 2015, I began staying with my parents after twelve years away from them. The first week saw me preparing my old room for my own use, intentionally creating an enclosed environment within my room surrounded by my boxes and shelves… a small gap from this enclosure leads … Read more

The End of 2015

2015 has been quite the roller coaster of a ride for myself. A majority of my 2015 has been filled with pain and anguish, of which I will continue to endure and work on myself. There are things that I will continue to do and uphold, but there are things which I will let go. A … Read more

Nanman Art Gallery: Wee Beng Chong

Tucked away in the art gallery-centric Tanglin Shopping Centre, Nanman Art played host to pioneering artist, Wee Beng Chong, for his 2015 exhibition of his latest works. Beng Chong is a prolific and passionate Chinese ink artist, steeped in traditional Chinese literature, calligraphy, seal carving and painting. He currently teaches Chinese ink painting at Nanyang … Read more

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Art Fellas: A Lust for Art

The up-scale and forward-thinking The Art Fellas opened their A Lust for Art showcase at the ION Art Gallery on August 19, 2015. It will run till August 28, 2015. As an insignificant patron of the arts, I like to attend such exhibitions in an effort to expand my network of emerging artists and aficionados. Having … Read more

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The Fence of Incredulity

Sometimes, out of boredom, I trawl the depths of Reddit for entertainment. There are a few gaming-related subs that I visit on these trips, such as /r/WorldofTanks, /r/Eve, and /r/citiesskylines. Beyond these Reddit subs, I don’t venture too far as I have no idea what dark corners of humanity bring me in the void of … Read more