Trail Tips and Manners

Here are some pointers that I have picked up from my experiences.

Behaviour and Manners

Salutations are important!

  • A friendly “good morning” or “hello” are always welcomed on the trail
  • Smile!
    • A smile helps to lift the spirits of passing trail users or your own companions
    • Encouraging quips are good too


Prepare trail food by placing them in Ziploc bags

  • Minimise rubbish out on the trails
  • Keep the used Ziploc bags (and other rubbish) with you until you get to a rubbish bin!


Travel light!

  • Lighter equipment and clothing are expensive
  • They will pay off on their own because you will enjoy the trip more

Compression helps!

  • Look for equipment that have compression buckles
  • This will minimise bulk and help in stowing them away easily

Difficulty in finding your balance?

  • Invest in a good set of trekking poles
  • Wear mid-cut boots to strengthen ankle support